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Australian Water Services is an Australian company established in 1991 to design, build and operate water systems in partnership with public authorities in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Water Services is jointly owned by Lend Lease Corporation, a global real estate and financial services company, and Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux, an international environmental services provider and world leader in water treatment technology and water systems management.

With access to more than a 120 years experience in the operation of water utilities, Australian Water Services combines the best of both worlds by providing a public service with private efficiency.

Our services cover the entire water cycle including catchment management, drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater and stormwater collection and treatment, network management and customer service.

Our operations include the worlds most up to date technologies. We continue to set new world benchmarks. Through our shareholders we also offer complimentary services covering all phases of water infrastructure development including concept, design, construction and financing.

Australian Water Services brings extensive knowledge and skills to its partners. We have direct access to the results of over $100 million worth of research and development conducted by Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux each year. Through our research projects, continuing production, training programs and staff exchanges we actively participate in the sharing of information, skills and expertise between all stakeholders. ASTRAN- the Asia Pacific Technology and Research Network established its wastewater research division in Sydney in 1998. ASTRAN works in partnership with Australian Universities and research institutions to develop both local and international technologies. ASTRAN connects Australia and New Zealand with Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

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Public-Private Partnerships

Water is our most valuable resource. It is our duty to manage it sustainably and develop it responsibly. The global trend towards greater involvement of the private sector in water cycle management is driven by growing community concern for the environment and the need to develop infrastructure to keep up with urban growth. Private sector involvement ensures state-of-the-art technology with guaranteed delivery, alleviating the pressure on existing aged infrastructure and reducing the risk to public health and the environment.

Public-private partnerships enable government to lower its risk profile, reduce costs and improve water services to its constituents in the shortest possible time-frame. At all stages, the public sector remains in total control. Clear up-front definitions of performance requirements, roles and responsibilities are stipulated. The exact form that the partnership takes depends entirely on clients' needs, concerns and the financial structure. Australian Water Services has expertise in all forms of contracts and works with clients to determine the best solution to meet their needs.

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Prospect Water Filtration Plant  

Drinking Water

The community demands a reliable supply of safe, clean and healthy drinking water. Australian Water Services strives to meet this expectation by developing solutions that incorporate leading water treatment technology and management expertise.

We offer treatment processes to suit our clients needs. These range from traditional processes via highly efficient conventional filters through to ultrafiltration membranes that provide a complete barrier to viruses. Our ability to deliver world leading innovative water treatment solutions is demonstrated by the development and operation of the Prospect Water Filtration Plant in Sydney, one of the world's largest and most advanced water filtration plants.

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  Noosa Wastewater Treatment Plant


We provide skills and technologies in all aspects of wastewater treatment including:

• Physical chemical treatment processes
• Biological processes
• Wastewater recycling and re-use
• Stormwater collection, treatment and management.
• External Management

Australian Water Services has developed the state-of-the-art Noosa Wastewater Treatment Plant in Queensland that incorporates innovative Biological Nutrient Removal technology. The Noosa plant is Australia's first private sector developed wastewater treatment plant.

Australian Water Services is part of the consortium for the Manukau Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade and Harbour Restoration Project in Auckland New Zealand, the largest wastewater contract of this kind in the Southern hemisphere.

AWS is also part of the consortium for the Cronulla Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade in Sydney. The client Sydney Water Corporation has the aim to improve the impact on the local beaches and open up new opportunities for effluent re-use. Construction of this new facility is due for completion by the end of March 2001.

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